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Metamorposis of a Story- Part Nine



And it has arrived. There it is, big as day. My short story in print, in a real magazine. Wow. It’s all for reals now.

For those interested, this issue, which features almost (but not quite there) famous author Dan Bracewell, of “Tales of the Talisman” can be bought here:

Writing Status:  I hate to say it, but my writing is on hold indefinitely. Besides a busy career, I have a ton of outside projects consuming my free time. I hope to get back on here sometime soon and be able to tell everyone I am writing again.


Station Break

please_stand_byAck. I hate to do this, because its screws up some new year’s resolutions, but I need to curb my blogging and writing for a little bit as I continue my education in the hopes of getting a grown-up job. I’ll be back when my routine settles.

See y’all in a bit. . .

Does Blogging Time Count as Writing Time?

I’ve seen this question kicked around a few times during the last year. I thought I’d get on my e-soap box and belt out some of my thoughts on the subject.

As some already know, I don’t keep a word tally. I judge my progress by milestones and if my goals are reached or not, so the question of “does my blogging posts count as part of my word count” does not really apply to my philosophy.

When I think of the writing process, I think of it as a whole. Its not just about the words we put down on the page, its a host of other things: finding inspiration, studying our craft, researching publishers and agents, thinking time, organizing our our files, etc., etc.

One thing I feel that goes into this list of essentials is networking. For me, this is where blogging fits nicely.

Blogging is my support group. Its where I can go out and share my doubts and triumphs and offer words of encouragement to others. Its also where I can learn from other’s mistakes and get good advice and insight. This is why I consider it part of “writing time.”

So, here’s to all my fellow bloggers out there.  You are an important part of my writing process. Thanks for what you do and keep blogging!

WIP Update: I have sent another short story out for folks to critique and am close to having another short story ready to be sent out to a magazine. The Gideon Plan is moving slower. I need to get my butt in gear on that front.

It SUCKS being Stuck

My writing has come to a screeching halt. Boy, has it given me the blues.

Its funny, I have quite a few ideas about possible stories, the problem is they are all novel length. I have committed myself to writing short stories at the moment. My strategy is that by writing short stories I can get feedback quickly and better hone my craft. I was on track for about two months. I have written five short stories in that time. And that’s nothing to sneeze at. But now, I’ve run out of ideas. And it SUCKS.

I had brought up my concern for writing short stories shortly after I decided to stop working on the Gideon Plan and start working on smaller works. Short stories do not come to me easily. I was on a roll for a little while, converting Celtic myths into stories set in the Irish slums of 19th century New York. I wrote some good ones. But that has dried up now and I am fumbling about trying to come up with something else. Unfortunately, the ideas I have lead to no where or, as I mentioned, are too long in their narrative.

In the mean time, I continue to read a lot. I have been analyzing other writer’s craft and critiquing other’s stories. I have started the rewriting process for my five short stories and am researching magazines for them to go to. Then there’s my ongoing search of finding a topic that inspires me. So, I’m not completely stagnant. Recently, I’ve picked up doing some writing exercises, which I hate. I like to write with purpose, and the exercises either seem trivial or make me think I could better use my time doing something else. However, I’m hoping that the exercises shake something loose. I just want to write another frikin’ story! That’s not much to ask for is it?

So, how do you guys get out of these slumps where nothing is coming to you or you keep reaching dead ends? Boy it sucks (did I mention that?).

New Format for My Blog

Hey–quick heads up. For awhile, my blog has focused on posts for visiting St. Augustine and my writing. It has gotten too unwieldy and confusing doing both on the same blog, so I have separated them in to two. This blog, re-christened “The Writings of Dan” will focus on, er . . . my writings. Heh.

My new blog, “A Local’s Guide to St. Augustine,” can be found here.  If you are following my St. Augustine goings-on, be sure to visit my new site and click ‘follow’ so you get updates.