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Metamorphosis of a Story- Part 3

“Children of Lir”
By BAMFCentaur

Gee, that was quick. I’m done with my short story. That took a lot less time then I thought it would. I had my bursts all arranged and they were pretty much in a rough draft format. When I began writing, I breezed through it and was done in a little more than 3 hours. I’m calling it “The Swan Lady.” Total words= a little over 4,000.

Next step- I’m gonna sit on it for a couple of weeks, give it another pass, and put it out to my online critiquing group. I’ll also post it on here if anyone wants to beat up on it.

So, what’s next? I still need to do another pass on another short story I wrote a few weeks ago, but I want to give that more time to sit before I go at it again. I suppose its time to do some more research and come up with another idea for another story. I want more of a period piece this time around. Time to go check out The Gangs of New York.


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