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Rose Has A Secret

“Red Haired Fall” by Mjakmysia

And here it is. I’m throwing a chapter of the Gideon Plan out there for folks to gander at. I’d be happy to know what you guys think of it so far. I wouldn’t call it first draft ready, but one can get an idea of what I’m going for here and see my writing style. The only thing you need to know to understand this chapter is that it takes place at the start of the Civil War. The Battle of Manassas was about two chapters before it.

In regards to how far along this chapter is to being completed– I call this a first pass on my first draft. My first draft will have three passes. Here’s the definition of each:

  • First Pass- All major content is present. May be missing a few minor details such as research, transitions, and description. Notes for missing details are highlighted. A reader can read the chapter from start to finish and understand it. Grammar and prose may be choppy.
  • Second Pass- All content is present. Grammar and prose has been improved.
  • Third Pass- Chapter has been reviewed by author, prose has been smoothed, and is ready for outside review and comment. Chapter is now considered a First Draft.

A few more details about this chapter . . .

This was a bit of a doozy to write and it had me befuddled for a little while. I had a pretty solid rough draft to work off of, but as I began to write, I began to realize that my rough draft was actually two chapters and the chapter I thought would be Rose’s first chapter ended up being second. I wrote most of the second before turning my attention to the first. All and all, it took me about ten hours to write this particular chapter–give or take.

As a word of warning to the steampunkers out there– there’s not much in the way of what one would describe as steampunk in this chapter. For a few of my characters, they are living typical lives for people of their time period before things begin to change for them. So, as the story progresses things will become much more punky and certainly more . . . er . . . steamy for Rose.

William Porcher Miles was a real person. He makes a few appearances throughout the story (as do a lot of other historical characters).

For my writer friends out there, do you have a criteria for your first draft? Do you have any processes that you go through to get it there?


3 responses

  1. Cat

    I like it. Rose seems to be a very likeable character and you have written her well. I can see why you might have had trouble with the speech given by her father: I can’t wait to see what you come up with that elicits that response from your crowd! I’m not familiar with the period of history you are writing about, but you appear to have quite a few references that place it so that the reader has a good sense of context.
    In short – can’t wait to read more! Get writing!

    July 5, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    • Cool, thanks, Cat! It actually won’t be too hard to write the speech. What he says isn’t all that important as much as how he says it. His speech mannerisms is from an old tent revival Pentecostal preacher I saw once when I was a kid. Thanks for reading it!

      July 5, 2012 at 11:31 pm

      • Actually, let me rethink that thought. Actually what Bishop says is important. The speech shows the deep contrast between him being a rabid pro-slavery secessionist and the secret life Rose leads.

        July 5, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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