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Gideon Plan-Chapter 1

So, here’s something different (for me anyway). I’ve had this idea for a story bouncing around in my head for the last eight months. It started out with my fascination for steam punk. I soon began to imagine a James Bond type character in a Steam Punk setting using Steam Punk technology. That evolved. I began to imagine something more along the lines of a GI Joe type team set in a Steam Punk setting using Steam Punk technology. I ran with that. Off an on, I have done research and piddled around with a few idea. About a week ago, I posted the story’s premise (see below). My wife really liked it, so I went ahead and wrote the first chapter. I’m actually pretty pleased with it so I thought I’d post it here.  It hasn’t been edited at all. No one else but me has looked at it. If you have any comments for it, go ahead and throw them out there.

NOTE: This chapter was written some time ago when the story concept was still young. A lot has changed since then. Still, I’m leaving it up because its neat to look back on where one came from. Also, its also pretty well written if I do say so myself. 🙂

GideonPlan_1stD_Chapter 1_Sample


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