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Sphinx- Part 3

One of the things I learned while making video games is to surround yourself with stuff that inspires you. It gets the juices going. Boy, its great to have the interwebs. There’s just some amazing stuff out there. Right now, I’m just looking for anything that fits some of the broad story themes: Egypt, Africa, Sphinx, magic etc. However, I am mostly looking for sources of inspiration for a woman who could possibly be the main character.

Check out some of the imagery I found here. . .

By Kontrastreich.

By Zack Stella

Alice Musukwa, Miss Zambia 2010

There’s a couple of artists I want to give a particular shout out to. These guys blew me away.

First up Snow Sultan and his kick-ass babe, Smacky. She really caught my attention! The attitude! The ferocity! The hair! I particuarly like the second image here. I kind of imagine my character @ 15 or 16.  Check these outs and be sure to check out Snow’s page on DeviantArt:

The other guy is John Connell. His creatures are actually a reverse of a sphinx and more tribal in nature (and mostly male), but boy are they ever wicked!

Here’s his website:

And here is the website to buy his novel. I can’t wait to get it.

You may have noticed that the inspirations for the main character are (mostly) black. There is a bit of controversy regarding what race the Egyptians were. Some say its a white cover-up. Others say its Afrocentricism. Here’s my two bits. I think the Egyptians were a pretty good mix of different colors. Egypt is a geographical crossroads. Throughout Egypt’s history, you had incursions of people from both the heart of Africa and people from the Middle East. These people would have been mixing it up plenty. In my opinion, this is why Egypt’s achievements are astounding—it is the product of different types of people making a unique culture with their many different ideas and backgrounds. I think if you went back in time to Egypt you would have seen all shades of colors. For my book, I would like the main character to be dark.

Next up, I’m going to post some “bursts” . . .


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