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Florida Secret: Tarpon Springs

Here is a place that few in Florida know about: Tarpon Springs.

My wife and I have been visiting this lovely little community off and on for the last eight years. We recently got back from there for our ten year anniversary trip. It’s a little town north of Clearwater that was founded by Greek immigrants whose line of work was sponge diving. Today, Greek is still the main language of most residents there. This place is simply amazing. If you love Greek food, you aren’t going to get anything better outside of Greece. This place is the real deal. Their pastries are the best I’ve had–second to none. There are little shops all along the dock as well as boat tours and old-school aquatic shows (dolphin shows, feed the sharks, pet the stingrays etc.). I would recommend it for a half-day or day long trip. For Florida residents, it is well worth the trip. A+.

For food, there are so many options along the dock, but my wife and I love Mykonos. The prices are reasonable. There is often a short line to get in, but it is well worth the wait.

There are several good bakeries there. My wife and I typically go to Hellas.


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